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Regular use of our carpet refresher cares for the space you share. With bio-based odor neutralizers + a light, plant-derived fragrance it’s the go-to tool for people with roomies who can’t clean up after themselves.

Great for:
  • Homes with dogs, or cats (or both)
  • Active pet families
  • High traffic rooms (and furniture too)
  • Fragrance sensitive pets and people


WEEKLY REFRESHER: If you have pets, make sure to add this powerful tool to your toolbox. Our Pet Home Carpet Refresher is perfect for weekly maintenance of your carpets, couches, and dog beds. Simply sprinkle, wait, and vacuum for a fresh-smelling and odor-free home.

IMMEDIATE ODOR CONTROL: 100% bio-based active ingredient traps and destroys pet odors on contact, without masking them. All that’s left behind is our fresh Juniper Leaf scent and a memory of the mess.

LIGHT & PLEASING FRAGRANCE: Our plant-derived Juniper Leaf Fragrance is developed with your home and your pup’s sensitive snout in mind. Instead of the overpowering scents (especially to your pup!) used by conventional cleaning products, ours features notes of fresh juniper and cedar to complement any home. And since a dog’s nose is more sensitive to fragrance than our own, we’ve developed our fragrances to be light and pet-friendly.

MADE WITHOUT: Ammonia, chlorine bleach, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance.

Safe for use in multi-species homes including, dogs, cats, birds, dragons, etc. when used as directed.

What's Inside

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (mineral-derived deodorizer), corn starch (plant-derived absorbent), sodium zinc polyitaconate (bio-based odor absorbent), natural fragrance.

This product is designed and produced in a family owned, FDA and EPA Registered facility located on the East Coast of the United States that complies with cGMP Standards.

Rigorous testing includes: Stability Testing to ensure the quality and integrity of the formula over time and Challenge Testing which confirms the preservative system’s ability to protect the product from microbial growth.

Conceived, developed and made in the USA.

    Carpet Refresher
    Carpet Refresher
    Carpet Refresher
    Carpet Refresher

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