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Eye & Ear Dog Wipes

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Don’t ignore their most sensitive (and important) parts! Chamomile + Aloe help soothe and moisturize as you wipe, while plant-derived cleansers help keep your pup’s eyes & ears clean and healthy.

Great for:
  • Dogs of all sizes and ages
  • Allergy-prone dogs
  • Home grooming amateurs
  • Fragrance-sensitive pets and people


PLANT-DERIVED CLEANSERS: Works hard on dirt and wax buildup but gentle on eyes & ears with ingredients derived from coconut oil infused into the wipe at just the right amount. Snap-close lid keeps wipes fresh and moist to tackle those quick clean-ups!

KEEP EARS CLEAR: Buildup of dirt and wax in your dog’s ears can provide food for disease-causing bacteria. (Yeah, gross. Sorry.) Luckily our Eye & Ear Wipes contain Neem Oil, Chamomile and Aloe help to clean out any gunk and excess wax in your pup’s ears.

KEEP EYES BRIGHT: Your dog’s eyes are how they see you (their favorite person!) and their bff across the park. You can help keep their eyes healthy by gently wiping away dirt discharge as part of your loving, daily routine.

A FRAGRANCE FREE CLEAN: A pup’s nose is way more sensitive and particular than ours. Though our scents are light, plant-based and pup + people friendly, we also like to give pup parents the option to…opt out of fragrance all together!


Use a new wipe for each ear and each eye.

For ears: Gently wipe ears to lift away wax, dirt and debris. Do not reach into your dog’s ear canal.

For eyes: Wipe around the outer eye area to gently remove gunk and tear stains. Do not use inside the eye.

What's Inside

Ingredients: Purified water, decyl glucoside (sugar-derived cleanser), neem oil (plant-derived skin soother), aloe barbadensis leaf extract (plant-derived moisturizer), calendula officinalis extract (plant-derived soother), chamomile extract (plant-derived soother), saccharomyces ferment (plant-derived deodorizer), glycerin (plant-derived moisturizer), disodium EDTA (formula stabilizer),
potassium sorbate (food grade preservative), sodium benzoate (food grade preservative), citric acid (balanced pH).

  • This product is designed and manufactured in a U.S. based facility that follows stringent GMP processes and guidelines as required by the FDA to ensure a quality approach to manufacturing.
  • We’re proud to partner with a supplier that purchases carbon credits to offset their shipping and operational use to help reduce carbon gas emissions.
  • Conceived, developed and made in the USA.
    Eye & Ear Dog Wipes
    Eye & Ear Dog Wipes
    Eye & Ear Dog Wipes
    Eye & Ear Dog Wipes
    Eye & Ear Dog Wipes
    Eye & Ear Dog Wipes

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