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Make sure your favorite poop bags are always within reach with our stylish and durable canvas poop bag carrier. Plus! 2 bonus rolls of our easy-tear durable + odorless bags made with 27% renewable, non-gmo cornstarch make this combo a pet parent must-have.

Great for:
  • Dogs of all sizes
  • Active pet families
  • Fragrance-sensitive pups and people
  • All responsible pet parents

  • PREMIUM CANVAS CARRIER: A cool-looking and durable canvas poop bag carrier that’s large enough to hold any standard roll of poop bags, keys, and more! Also has a clip & velcro straps to fit any kind of leash.
  • MADE WITH CORN STARCH: Our Corn Starch Poop Bags are made with a blend that contains 27% renewable non-gmo corn starch.
  • KEEPS POOP IN: Thick and durable bag construction holds poop, liquid, and odors in, so you and your furry bff can get back to walking knowing the mess is contained.
  • NO POOP TO HAND CONTACT: When searching for the perfect poop bag, avoiding contact with the mess tops the list. Our longer 9x13in bags make pick + tie up quick and easy.
What's Inside
  • We’ve partnered with an experienced manufacturer to design our environmentally conscious waste bags
  • Made from cornstarch, a renewable resource and other bio-based proprietary components
  • Box and core made of recycled cardboard
    Poop Bag Carrier

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